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The fourth ACT | UJ Conference 2016

As part of our commitment to a broader engagement with all sectors of society, the cooperative is always looking out for strategic opportunities to expose itself meaningfully to the external environment.

This year, the cooperative has identified the upcoming fourth ACT | UJ Arts and Culture Conference as a viable platform for representation. It will be the first time since, at least according to our knowledge, to have Indigenous African Music and Dance; in particular Dinaka/Kiba represented at an event of such magnitude.

We are therefore honoured to announce that the application to participate in the afore-mentioned conference has been successful.

The board of the cooperative is excited to announce at least one of its executive members will be attending the conference.

About the conference

The Arts & Culture Trust, in partnership with the Department of Arts & Culture’s Mzanzi Golden Economy Programme, will be hosting the #creativeintersections conference which will take place on the 16 and 17 March 2016, at the UJ Arts Center on the University of Johannesburg Kingsway campus.

Entitled #creativeintersections, this interactive two day conference and learning forum presents interdisciplinarity as an alternative way of thinking and working. These ‘intersections’ will highlight new mediums, theories and connections, with discussions centering on interdisciplinary activities, interculturalism and innovative technologies.

The programme offers a range of presentations, panel discussions, interviews, brainstorming breakways, workshops and a skill swap networking event. Interdisciplinary case stiudies and papers are currently available on www.creativeconference.co.za and delegates are encouraged to read through these, ar at least some of them, in advance of the conference.

For more contact our Information Desk via email: info@molepotraditionaldance.com

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