Re-engineering Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance in Limpopo province, South Africa.

“Re-engineering Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance” is an experimental exploration of the challenges faced by Indigenous African Music or Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance, also known as Mmino wa Setšo amongst rural communities in Limpopo province, South Africa. In spite the fact that Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance is the oldest genre in Southern Africa; estimated to have originated in the 1700’s, a few groups that are left are struggling to thrive in a rapidly changing society.

Naturally, Dinaka/Kiba practitioners or baletši possess the most beautiful skill in the composition, production and performance thereof. However the cultural, spiritual and psychological role the genre is supposed to play in the daily lives of the communities is marred by the disintegration of groups, hopelessness amongst practitioners and a possible extinction of this genre if we; as authors, scholars and supporters, entrepreneurs, researchers and state cultural agencies don’t intervene.

There appears to be a recess in knowledge sharing initiatives, a drop in the standard of public performance and the ability of these groups to survive in an ideal economy. Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance groups in Limpopo province are the less paid almost non paid cultural workers in the entire country. The structural challenges the groups and practitioners (baletši) face appear to continue unabated, with fewer interventions coming from relevant stakeholder sectors such as; academe, government, traditional leadership, the artistic community and society in general. One of Molepo Traditional Dance Cooperative Limited’s objectives is to use scientific inquiry to understand the myraid of challenges faced by practititoners of Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance  - TŠA MASA CORRESPONDENT.

sed venenatis malesuada, diam ipsum blandit urna.
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