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There is a new traditional fashion label currently under consideration by the Sewing and Fashion
Design Team affiliated to Molepo Traditional Dance Cooperative Limited.  
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A lot has been said by people who follow our social media pages(i.e. Facebook & Twitter) that there is a need for more products to be introduced to our inventory of beads.

After we posted pictures of self styled Northern Sotho traditional beads on Facebook, we received messages from a number of potential future clients indicating their desire to order and purchase traditional clothing.

Based on those words of encouragement and well wishes, I began to explore the idea of a Sewing and Fashion Design artistic programme which incorporates technical and creative training and product development.

At the time, nothing seemed impossible as I realized there was an unexplored market in the area where the cooperative is located. I started off by encouraging, at times persuading; Tebogo Molepo(also my sibling) to consider enrolling for a sewing and fashion design course at one of the schools in Polokwane.

Tebogo enrolled for the course in 2015 and has since graduated from the first phase of the training.

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By: Mahlaga Molepo   13 Sep 2016  10:09am
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Now  a member of Molepo Traditional Dance Cooperative Limited and Team leader: Sewing and Fashion Design, Tebogo dreams of starting her own fashion label which will feature on all her designs. Contact Tebogo on 0719783542 or via Whatsapp 0608555007 for all your tailor made clothing needs.

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